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SEEDS San Diego
P.O. Box 28124
San Diego, CA 92128

[email protected] 

Mary Jenson     858-774-0576   [email protected]
Cynthia Engel   760-212-0963   [email protected]


If you are a 501c3 evangelical ministry interested in submitting a grant proposal, please do these things first:

  • Study our website, especially our Statement of Faith (to know how we think and where our values lie).
  • Check out our Updates page to see the types of ministries we’ve given to in the past.
  • Contact us via the information above.
  • Note the timing:
    • we send out Letters of Inquiry (LOI) in the late summer (your request would need to be in our hands before August);
    • if you’re invited, your proposal would be due by early Dec.;
    • our Board evaluates all the incoming proposals in early Jan., accepting those that we believe will most resonate with our members;
    • in mid spring we present what we have to our members for a vote;
    • grants are awarded shortly after that (usually by June 1).