Seeing LIFE in a High School

We have met incredible people over the years making incredible sacrifices of time, money, priorities, etc. Here is one memorable day:

A few of us visited a South Bay high school in early September 2012 (a site visit for one of our local ministry applicants for 2012) and sat in on a youth club that meets weekly over the lunch hour. We were impressed at how easily the games/worship leaders engaged the rest of the kids. (Get this for an ice-breaker: pair up into 2s, play “rock-paper-scissors.” The winner of each 2-some plays another winner, with the losers beginning to form a group behind them. When the final 2-some plays, the winning group gets . . . candy!)

The kids only had about 40 min. to eat (yea pizza!, provided by a church youth group connected with the school), play, worship, pray, and have a short message chock full of Scripture about not quitting, not being afraid, by one of their classmates.

A young couple walked in just before the activities, she great with child and he very attentive and caring for her. Afterwards, they introduced themselves, shook our hands. We asked about the baby–a little boy, due in November. “Thank you for not aborting that baby,” we said. “We know it will be hard.”

“It already is hard,” she said. And then, softly and somberly, “I hope I can be forgiven.”

“Oh, honey,” we said. “You ARE forgiven!”

Lord, please let her remember what we told her, how we held her hands, stroked her belly, smiled our forgiveness at her. Sometimes, just hearing words of forgiveness, even if they’re from an unaffected party, is so healing. Let it be so, Jesus!!!