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Who We Are…

SEEDS San Diego is a giving circle of Christian women with a vision to make a substantial difference in the lives of the needy. SEEDS is a ministry of High/Ground (www.high-ground.org). Our Leadership Committee is made up of 6 members: Marian Drops, Cynthia Engel, Lynda Jeffries, Mary Jenson, Peggy Keck, Debbie Morales. We have worked together as a wonderful, harmonious team since 2008. We are under the umbrella of High Ground, a 501c3 organization since 1987 that champions character in our culture.

What We Do

  • We gather donations from our members in early spring of each year–without fashion shows, bake sales, silent auctions, luncheons, etc.–and give it all away in the late spring.
  • We request the attendance of our Members at two meetings: our yearly KickOff in the fall, and a Ministry Discovery Meeting in the spring. There are also opportunities to visit local ministries in the spring in preparation for voting. Members are encouraged to bring friends to either meeting.
  • We have a two-tier membership. Members pledge $1000/year, Associate Members pledge $500/year, for one 3-year term. After that commitment is fulfilled, Members are invited to participate on a yearly basis. All pledges are paid to The National Christian Foundation and designated to The SEEDS San Diego Fund.
  • The National Christian Foundation (www.nationalchristian.com) is a nonprofit corporation 501c3. As with all donor advised funds, all SEEDS contributions are the property of NCF. NCF will receipt and invest the pledges made by our members, and direct them to the ministries SEEDS recommends.
  • During the year the SEEDS Leadership Committee will investigate different evangelical Christian nonprofits (Members may recommend nonprofits to the Committee) with ministries here and abroad, including site visits where possible, and present them to the membership for consideration.
  • The Members will vote for the gift recipients—one in the greater San Diego area and one overseas–in the spring. The gifts will be awarded shortly thereafter.
  • All of our donations will go to the nonprofits chosen by our members.
  • The majority of our communication will be via email and the internet.