Can I contribute if SEEDS2’ Statement of Faith does not reflect my beliefs?
Absolutely. But please read our Statement of Faith carefully so you are fully aware of where we’re coming from.

Can I give more than I’ve pledged?
Yes. We’d love it!

Can my sister who lives in Orange County/Oregon/Okinawa contribute to SEEDS2?
Yes, as long as she is comfortable with our stated purpose to give half of our gift to San Diego County.

Is SEEDS2 a foundation or a corporation?
Neither. SEEDS is a giving circle.

Why do I send my donation to the National Christian Foundation (NCF) instead of to SEEDS2 directly?
The National Christian Foundation’s (NCF) sole purpose is to help givers “give wisely to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Linking with NCF, which is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, means that SEEDS2 does not handle your money. NCF will receipt and invest the pledges made by our members, and direct them to the ministries SEEDS2 recommends. NCF gives SEEDS2 an extra layer of protection and accountability and is the primary reason SEEDS2 has no overhead costs other than a minimal NCF handling charge.

For more information on NCF, visit their website at www.ncfgiving.com/California.

Why did SEEDS2 choose NCF to handle donations?
Because NCF has over 30 years of responsible practices; because NCF is monitored by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (www.ecfa.org); because part of NCF’s responsibility to its clients is to further investigate the recommended ministries as to their IRS compliance and whether they live up to their stated mission.

Does the National Christian Foundation charge any handling fees?
NCF charges a nominal fee to invest and disperse SEEDS2’ money.

Why do you want my total pledged donation by March 15?
Originally, we chose to work within the calendar year. But as our personal schedules seemed to fall within the school year and the seasons, we adopted that timing and it is the best for us. It gives us the summer to recover, the fall to gather information about ministries, the winter to study it all, and the spring to vote and disperse our monies for the year.

Can I get my donation back once it’s received by NCF?
No. As with all donor-advised funds, all SEEDS2 contributions are the property of NCF.

Why do you want me to make a 3-year commitment to SEEDS2?
First of all, we want to continue the momentum for our giving circle. Making a 3-year commitment ensures that every year we will have a secure base to begin building a sizeable fund to give away. Second, we believe it’s beneficial to our givers to stick with us for a long enough time that they understand who we are and what we do. Because we are a no-hassle group, it takes a little while to get to know us. Members move to a yearly commitment after meeting their 3-year pledge.

Can I get out of my commitment to SEEDS2?
We hope you will make your commitment with ample thought and prayer, and with as much foresight as you can. However, we know that extenuating circumstances occur. Should it become necessary to leave SEEDS2 before your commitment is over, you may submit a letter of resignation to the Leadership Committee via mail or email. All we ask is that you join us and/or leave us prayerfully and thoughtfully.

Can I “re-up” for additional years?
Absolutely! Over and over and over…

Why are you choosing just two nonprofits, one international and one local, to help?
We could spread smaller amounts to more organizations, but our hope is to make a sizeable difference.

How will you choose the organizations SEEDS2 gives to?
Our Leadership Committee selects a group of organizations, some in San Diego and some international, to present to our membership. Members are invited to submit names of nonprofits to us. We organize site visits for those in San Diego and do all the research we can to fully scrutinize all the nonprofits we’re considering and their ability to use the funds we provide. Then the entire membership will be supplied with all the pertinent information SEEDS2 has accumulated (via email and the internet) and will vote online for the finalists. If there is a tie, the Leadership Committee will break it.

Also, NCF will further vet the organizations we choose. We greatly appreciate that extra level of accountability NCF provides.

What if I don’t want my money to go to the nonprofit you choose?
We’re sorry if that happens (though we don’t think it will), but in signing your Member Pledge you will have agreed to be part of this giving circle, and further, to abide by the vote of the rest of the members (with the Leadership Committee breaking any tie).

Remember, SEEDS2 is just one avenue for giving. We will not be offended if you choose to give on your own or through another giving circle, etc. However, if you have already made your donation to SEEDS2 for that year, it is not refundable.

What kinds of nonprofits is SEEDS2 considering?
Christian organizations that help those in distress (whether their need is food and clothing, shelter, medical help, rescuing, education, training, etc.) in the name of Christ and share the Gospel when they can. While we’ve stated that we give to evangelical Christian organizations, we do not require that the ministries we consider have an overt evangelistic component. More and more, open evangelism can result in ridiculous restrictions here in America, expulsion from a country, or even death, overseas. But when we check out a ministry we make sure that the Gospel is there and that a commitment to Christ and evangelism is behind the organization.

May I recommend ministries?
By all means! This will be your privilege as one of our members. Please check our Contact Us page for some direction, gather information for us (contact names and numbers, 501c3 designation) and contact us at [email protected]. We’ll take it from there.