2024 Ministry Information

SEEDS2 2024 International Ministries

Light A Candle: Light a Candle operates in Iraq and India in some the most remote, forgotten places around the globe. Both rank in the top 20 most persecuted countries. Even with the rise in persecution against Christians, the people in these remote villages are hungry for the Gospel. Light A Candle is often the first organization in over 40 years to reach these remote regions.

In 2018 they began rescuing young girls out of temple prostitution and providing for the impoverished children in India. Operations in India provide sponsored children with Biblical education, meals, medical care, and school supplies to over 1300 children. Their operations in India not only provide sponsored children with meals, medical care, and school supplies, but whole villages have come to Jesus! They learn that the provision in their lives comes from their heavenly Father and that Jesus is the only way to Him. In a land of 330 million gods, many have come to know the one true and living God. Every child also receives a Bible in their own language. This is done in secret because if it was ever discovered that Light A Candle provided this, the whole program would be immediately shut down. The most pressing need a SEEDS2 grant can help with right now is for a new truck to help get to these remote villages, as well as a new distribution hub where they can store several tons of rice and daal, host short-term outreach teams, and pack the loads for distribution to nearly 100 villages. These needs directly affect every single rescued child.


Passion Life: PassionLife began their mission in China in 2010 to rescue the most vulnerable where abortion is most concentrated. Today they are active in 31 countries, and work in 22 languages, going where the Lord leads and sharing the Gospel of Life with those in need. They work as a prolife global missions partner to missionaries and indigenous Christian leaders, where the plague of abortion, infanticide and gendercide is especially concentrated. In such places they disciple people in a biblical worldview of human value, teach them how to make the case for life in a secular culture, see abortion guilt and grief as an entry point for the Gospel’s offer of forgiveness and freedom, and provide models of pregnancy crisis intervention services that they can adapt to their culture and neighborhood.

While China suffers the most abortions in the world, Cuba suffers the highest rate of abortion per capita in the world today and is the first target of their Tiny Baby Campaign in 2024. A SEEDS2 grant would fully fund 20,000 scientifically accurate, highly detailed, 3-D printed Tiny Baby models that testify to human life at 9 weeks/3 days. These “littlest missionaries” open the discussion at the heart of the matter: What is the unborn? Is it human? The fetal model proclaims “Yes, I am.” When Christians add, “Let me help you,” the baby lives and a redemptive relationship begins. They are distributed during their 4 Questions trainings. Everyone who sees one, shows 5 or 10 others by the end of day.


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Favor International: Favor International (Favor) has been committed to advancing salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ amongst unreached and broken people groups in a total of eight African countries. After decades of civil war, the people in Northern Uganda and South Sudan still face enormous challenges of poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition, unattended health problems, droughts, floods, and gender injustice. Gender-based violence is high, abortion is common, and women and girls are targets of the sex trafficking industry. They are regarded as subservient to men, and few are given opportunities for a basic education let alone opportunities to earn income.

Favor International’s Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) ends this cycle of poverty and gender inequality by first introducing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women in rural villages of unreached regions in Uganda and South Sudan. Over the last five years, Favor has established 39 WEP projects, 31 in Uganda and 8 in South Sudan. It takes almost three years of training and support for each WEP project to become fully sustainable and self-sufficient. Five of the WEP projects in Uganda and one WEP project in South Sudan are now self-sustaining and all of these projects are still running successfully. Based on individual interests, skills, and resources, the women may choose to become artisans creating beads and textiles; learn husbandry, beginning poultry, pig, or crop farming projects; or learn a trade such as tailoring. A SEEDS2 grant would enable Favor to implement10 Women’s Empowerment Programs in 2024 impacting 500 – 1,000 women and their families in Uganda and South Sudan. https://www.favorintl.org

SEEDS2 2024 Local Ministries

Teen Challenge: Adult and Teen Challenge of Southern California provides the lost, addicted, hopeless and homeless an opportunity to transform their life through their year long Christ centered residential recovery program. Last year Teen Challenge served over 200,000 men, women and children in Southern California through its residential and outreach programs.

A SEEDS2 grant would provide a commercial refrigerator and ice machine for their kitchen. The kitchen is a hub of discipleship and meals and provides work experience and a source of income through the catering services. After-school Learning Center kids receive a healthy snack every day as well. The grant would also cover 2 new projectors, sound board and a bass amp for the sanctuary where worship, graduations, classes and other key gatherings are held. In addition, a benevolence fund would be established to help cover obstacles to entering Teen Challenge. Providing help with something as small as $35 for an ID so they can qualify to enter the program and as large as transportation costs, medical expenses to get their physical or the cost of basic clothing and toiletries for those coming out of homelessness. This fund would also provide resources for graduates exiting the program and entering the workforce with things like work boots, trade tools, office attire and other necessities to help get them started on their own.


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Hattie’s House: Hattie’s House provides free short-term housing in fully furnished apartments for families and friends of patients seeking critical health care. Hattie’s House currently operates 6 full time apartments: 3 in San Diego serving families seeking treatment at Sharp, Scripps, UCSD Medical Center, and Rady Children’s Hospital; and 3 in Sacramento.

A SEEDS2 grant would would enable them to fully refurbish 2-3 of their apartments in San Diego as well as assistance with the annual cost for medical shelter for families in need in one of these apartments.


UrbanLife: UrbanLife serves the community of City Heights. This 5.8 square mile community is inhabited by more than 101,000 residents, 38% of whom are foreign born and representative of a population that speaks over 30 registered languages and 80 dialects. With such diversity comes a vast opportunity to share the gospel, minister to, and disciple youth from a multitude of linguistic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

A SEEDS2 grant would enable 65 students to attend UrbanLife’s 2024 Summer Faith Camp. This project is a four day overnight camp experience for low to moderate income youth living in City Heights. This project allows UrbanLife to provide a safe environment for spiritual discernment and exposure to the gospel, away from all the noise and distractions of life in the city.