Member Pledge

I support the stated purpose of SEEDS2 San Diego to be a Christ-centered giving circle that will direct financial gifts to selected evangelical Christian nonprofit ministries that serve those in need. I have read SEEDS2′ Statement of Faith.

As a Member, I pledge $1000 yearly for a term of three years; as an Associate Member, I pledge $500 yearly for three years. After meeting that commitment, I may continue on a yearly basis. I understand my pledged donation will be paid to the National Christian Foundation by March 15th.

I understand that, as with all donor advised funds, all SEEDS2 contributions are the property of NCF and are nonrefundable, and that NCF will disburse our gifts as recommended by SEEDS2.

I recognize that in addition to my financial pledge, I can also participate in SEEDS2 by committing to prayer, by volunteering my services, by recommending nonprofits to receive gifts, and by going on site visits.

I agree that the SEEDS2 Leadership Committee will make the final decision of where to direct our gifts, based upon partnership votes, the careful review of applicant qualifications, site visits when possible, and by the further vetting on our behalf by NCF.

I agree that the direction and management of SEEDS2 and entire control of its affairs shall be vested in the SEEDS2 Leadership Committee.

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