Grant Winners for 2019

OMUTO UGANDA and Emmaus School, our international grant winner, is the first “installment” of what will hopefully be many such schools throughout Uganda — schools that provide food, clean water, education, and opportunities for local children; that transmit Christian values for developing character and minds; that help the expansion of their villages; and that are ultimately self-sustainable. OMUTO’s requested project funded by SEEDS is electricity for the school, and to power a dormitory for well-paying boarders, whose fees will enable the continued sustenance of the school. And, in the future, the electricity provided by OMUTO will benefit the entire community.

From Moses Muwanguzi, Executive Director: “Your vision must be bigger than you, otherwise it will die with you. We are marching like the Israelites marched around Jericho. We are claiming this community for the Lord and inviting God’s Spirit to cast out the evil spirits that have dwelt here. This school is a picture of God’s kingdom and His blessing in this place.”


Our local SEEDS grant went to Soul Survivor Outdoor, an adventure organization aimed specifically at providing active duty military experiences that challenge their bodies while helping them wrestle with the deep issues of faith, life and death, and meaning. In 2018, SSO hosted more than 400 active duty military at their outdoor events. Another 4,500 attended their suicide prevention, resiliency, and spiritual fitness talks.

At a recent visit to a sky diving field, our hearts were grabbed by the earnest attention these young servicemen/women gave to founder Rick Wolf and his representative as they shared their faith during lunch.

Rick saw to it that we had delicious tacos for lunch that day and welcomed Lauren, one of our members, to go for her own jump!