Grant Winners for 2009

Purple Palace’s request in their proposal was for a large van to ferry the kids in their care to school, to sports, to church, and to other activities. They are accustomed to making do with older vehicles and have mechanics who help keep them runing, but their ‘youngest’ van is 13 years old. We were so pleased when co-founders Tyler and Connie Youngkin confirmed that the gift SEEDS gave them will be enough to buy a really good, slightly used, van!


GogoGrandmothers requested funds to introduce a soy crop into a small village in Malawi. The grandmothers (and grandfathers) there, who are caring for their own and others’ orphaned grandchildren, grow maize (corn) primarily and are in need of a crop with greater food value – thus, soy, full of protein, easy to grow, but difficult to process. Gogo Grandmothers provides the seeds, the training, and the motivation that will not only provide this nutritious grain for these AIDS-orphaned children but will also introduce a new avenue for entrepreneurship.

Seeing LIFE in a High School

We have met incredible people over the years making incredible sacrifices of time, money, priorities, etc. Here is one memorable day:

A few of us visited a South Bay high school in early September 2012 (a site visit for one of our local ministry applicants for 2012) and sat in on a youth club that meets weekly over the lunch hour. We were impressed at how easily the games/worship leaders engaged the rest of the kids. (Get this for an ice-breaker: pair up into 2s, play “rock-paper-scissors.” The winner of each 2-some plays another winner, with the losers beginning to form a group behind them. When the final 2-some plays, the winning group gets . . . candy!)

The kids only had about 40 min. to eat (yea pizza!, provided by a church youth group connected with the school), play, worship, pray, and have a short message chock full of Scripture about not quitting, not being afraid, by one of their classmates.

A young couple walked in just before the activities, she great with child and he very attentive and caring for her. Afterwards, they introduced themselves, shook our hands. We asked about the baby–a little boy, due in November. “Thank you for not aborting that baby,” we said. “We know it will be hard.”

“It already is hard,” she said. And then, softly and somberly, “I hope I can be forgiven.”

“Oh, honey,” we said. “You ARE forgiven!”

Lord, please let her remember what we told her, how we held her hands, stroked her belly, smiled our forgiveness at her. Sometimes, just hearing words of forgiveness, even if they’re from an unaffected party, is so healing. Let it be so, Jesus!!!

Lisa’s Legacy

Lisa LiguoriYou might have noticed that we have a new committee member, Peggy Keck. (More about that soon.) But who’s missing is our Lisa Liguori! Lisa is moving on to family philanthropic activities. She is one amazing lady and helped us SO much to be where we are today. Anything electronic is because of Lisa and our voting procedure is because of Lisa. She brought a younger perspective to our meetings as we worked to get ourselves off the ground. And there was always a lot of laughter as she mentored us on the world wide web!

Lisa leaves behind a huge void. We love her, we miss her, and she tells us we can still give a shout if we get in too much trouble!  We all thank you, Lisa xoxo.

SEEDS in Africa!

You’ve really got to watch out when you join SEEDS.  Last year we voted to award one of our grants to GogoGrandmothers in Malawi, Africa. It really touched many of your hearts including MINE!  I am off to Malawi, Africa to visit some of the villages and bring headscarves, panties, sewing kits, knit infant caps and greetings from all of you! Thank you to so many who donated their time and prayers and resources for this adventure. We like to check out those who apply for our grants…we call them site visits and you are all welcome on any of them.  Well, I am doing a “site visit” after the fact and will report back.  Follow me on my travel blog, and meet the folk in Lilongwe, where my husband, Steve, and I will serve for several weeks, and then out to Gogos in and around Blantyre and Zomba!

Yesu, Amakokonda

(posted by Debbie Morales, 2010)